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    On A Boat LTD are a creative content agency based on a boat in London. We make high quality content for reactive marketing campaigns and social, from our boat. We pride ourselves on being nimble, quick, efficient and being based on a boat.

    We are an experienced collective of creative professionals that have a sincere passion for what we do, this passion has enabled us to work with world leading advertising agencies and brands on campaigns that are seen by millions.

    Our boat crew have a varied and eclectic set of skills, a particular set of skills that make us a dream for people like you. We don’t just create singular pieces of content, we can create toolkits designed to reach your audience via your chosen platform in unique and engaging ways. We’re ahead of the curve on all the latest trends, in-fact; we are the latest trends. Vines, GIFs, Cinemagraphs, Stop Motion…even short films, we’ve got you covered.

    Our equipment is top of the range, trust us, we had to pay for it… This equipment is essential for what we do, we need the tools to channel our innate creativity and produce high quality content in an increasingly content focused industry.

    We were founded in 2015 by George Gottlieb after graduating from Ogilvy & Mather Group’s #RoughDiamond program. Check out his photography here: www.georgeonaboat.com.

    George first invested in the most essential piece of kit needed for success in advertising; a boat. George then went about putting together a carefully curated crack team of talented and driven individuals, a few tripods, plenty of cameras and loads of lenses. On A Boat LTD is going from strength to strength and has been working on incredible campaigns for household name brands. On A Boat LTD is here for you and your brand.

    Get in touch and let’s talk. Or alternatively, why don’t you visit our boat

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